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Basic principles in product quality assurance: Quality of work and quality of management at all levels; Constant and systematic study of the expectations of consumers of our products (monitoring); Strict quality control of manufactured medical products.


Responsibility to patients

Responsibility to clients

Responsibility to employees

Responsibility to founders

customer care
Customer care

Our company specialists  don't work on scripts and don't try to sell more expensive goods. Their work is evaluated by other criteria. Employees do everything possible and impossible to help the client. We expect that they will establish emotional contact with the customer and will individually consider each case.

employee care
Employee care

Be attentive and responsive to the needs and requirements of employees, contribute to the growth of the impact of work; listen to people. The staff will tell you what is right and what is not. Reputation of an excellent place of work entails important business results. It turns us into a stable, strong company for a long time. The more employees are involved in the work, the greater their commitment and the better result we get.

HoldMedical Ltd. - factory on manufacture of medical products. The production is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485. In some positions has the CE mark. Equipped production base, scientific potential developers own sterilization area allow you to produce medical products meet international standards. The managing company is the Joint Belarusian-Goland Company of Pharmland Ltd.

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